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Please suggest safe & moderate universities for my profile



Hi guys. I need help in my profile assessment. Please suggest a few universities for MS in CS in both categories: safe and moderate. Would prefer if they were public universities.

Term: MS in CS (or MCS, SE) Fall 2019
GRE: 322 (Q-170, V-152, AWA-4.0)
TOEFL: 106 (R-25, L-26, S-27, W-28)
Undergraduate: B.Tech in Electrical from IIT Ropar with 6.71 GPA (2013-17).
Research Papers: 1 paper in Electrical Stream
Internships: 1 Software Engineering Internship
Work Experience: 1.5 Years, Currently working as a Senior Software Developer
Hackathons: 1 Hackathon Win
Extras: 1 own a blog and also have built a website
SOP & LOR: Please assume they are really good and suggest.

Also please suggest before when should the application be submitted and complete? What is the recommended deadline? Thank you very much for your help. I would be really grateful.

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If you read other threads, you'll realize that when someone asks people to do the work for them, hardly anyone replies. You'll be better off doing some research yourself and asking opinion from those here what they think about your choices compared to asking them to search out schools for you. that said, you have a pretty solid background. So i'd say aim relatively high. all the best

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