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CV vs resume


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So I just realized that some schools are asking for resume instead of CV. Does it matter that I reformat my CV to fit the resume format, or is it ok to just send in my CV? I feel like my CV captures my academic stuff way better than the resume does though

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Pretty sure they meant CV but also they really are unlikely to notice the difference. They just care about the information conveyed in the CV/resume - the layout is irrelevant. I'd go with CV because it's an academic institution and they care more about your academic/research related achievements than work experience. Again, they just want the information from it - think about what info they'll care more about. Remember that it's a committee of faculty members/human beings, and the difference between a CV and resume really just comes down to layout/order/detail; they won't notice/care the difference as long as they get the info they want. 

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