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Clinical Psychology PHD GRE Cutoff


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Does anyone know how to find out which schools use strict GRE cutoffs? I am currently a second year masters student, and I am in the process of applying to PhD programs. I've taken my GRE's twice, and I know my scores are not where they need to be in order to get into a program. I 'm have a 3.9 undergraduate GPA and a 4.0 graduate GPA. I have strong letters of recommendation, research/clinical experience, and I beleive a strong personal statement. I'm starting to wonder whether applying is even worth it, but I would feel better if I knew which schools used hard cutoff so I don't apply to them given my low GRE scores.


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They usually have it listed somewhere on the admissions page. Sometimes it will be something like "a combined score of 315"  or something like that. Also, APA accredited programs usually have the data regarding recently admitted cohorts which show the average GRE scores as well as average GPA, so that can help you gauge your competitiveness. 

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