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Results section: hard time being concise

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Hello, I am wirting the results section for my master's thesis (which will be under the format of an article to be submitted for publication to an academic journal) and I am really having a hard time being concise when reporting quotes from my participants. I don't know what to do. I am beginning to tell myself that I should've done a regular thesis, that it'd would've done more justice to the quotations of my participants.

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2 hours ago, MarineBluePsy said:

It also may help to have a peer review it or use your University Writing Center.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes reveals several editing options.

I wonder if OP is talking about a type of decision that a fresh set of eyes won't see any clearer--Is this about empathy more than editing?

@Adelaide9216 , let your informants be your guide. Look at your notes, listen/watch to your recordings (if any), remember what they emphasized (through repetition). Differentiate between descriptive statements and analytical comments. It may be more appropriate to prioritize the latter while using nice turns of the phrase to pepper the former.

Consult previous articles in the same journal. How have others addressed the tough choices you currently face?

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Well, I've decided to refine my codes again. Maybe that's where the issue stems from. It's my 5th round of coding (axial coding), I find it hard to see what to let go of and what's important. Everything they said seems important. 

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