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Is the stipend close to a living wage?


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Hey gang, geoscientist here. My last 2 app cycles, I've told the Earth Science forum about a resource I use to help weigh the values of offers, and figured I'd share for all. It's www.phdstipends.com, there's details about offers people get (though sometimes the reporting is weird, like people include tuition value in the stipend dollar amount lol) and how that compares to the living wage (not sure how accurate this is, but still). Anyway, I've found it a good first order resource for determining how badly I'll penny pinch during school - hope it's useful. Also, NerdWallet cost of living calculator might prove good, too. I'm not affiliated with either, just another broke boy trying to make it who's generally disinclined to go to a place that doesn't value me enough to let me survive. Good luck with apps/congrats on admits/you can still do this even if you've gotten rejected! (Trust me, I know about the latter.)

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It partially depends on the cost of living, but generally even the lowest PhD stipends I've seen should be fine.  You probably will have to have roommates, and you probably will have to live a relatively frugal lifestyle.  A lot of PhD students that are able to get good jobs during the summer and can make some good money for the next year that way.


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14 minutes ago, DChemPhDZ said:

Does anyone know if upon accepting the offer of admission, grad school reimburses you the money you spent with ETS (on the GREs and to have your scores sent to the school)?? Can you ask for a reimbursement or is it considered in a bad light?

I've never heard of any school reimbursing you for the amount of money you spent on the GRE. I would advise against asking for reimbursement as this is not something that is typically seen as eligible for reimbursement purposes.

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