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Yale BBS vs Hopkins BCMB


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I'm looking to do research in cell biology, and trying to decide between my top two choices.

Just looking for input on institutional prestige in the medical/biomedical fields - my sense is that Yale overall has greater name value but for medicine and related fields, Hopkins does a bit better.

Any advice would be welcome!



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I go to Hopkins so I'm biased, but in biomedical sciences and medicine Hopkins has the upper hand. But more than prestige, I really recommend you choose based on which program you think is a better fit for you, and which labs/PIs are more interesting to you. For my graduate studies I chose Hopkins over Harvard and I have zero regrets. The Hopkins environment was so positive that I could be as productive as possible, and I received a lot of individual mentorship at Hopkins that helped me publish in CNS and achieve success in many other aspects. Don't just look at the school prestige, look at which school you specifically would thrive at most. 

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