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  1. I go to Hopkins so I'm biased, but in biomedical sciences and medicine Hopkins has the upper hand. But more than prestige, I really recommend you choose based on which program you think is a better fit for you, and which labs/PIs are more interesting to you. For my graduate studies I chose Hopkins over Harvard and I have zero regrets. The Hopkins environment was so positive that I could be as productive as possible, and I received a lot of individual mentorship at Hopkins that helped me publish in CNS and achieve success in many other aspects. Don't just look at the school prestige, look at which school you specifically would thrive at most.
  2. I'm currently a student in Hopkins BCMB and I have nothing but positive things to say about the program. Living in Baltimore has been an incredible experience for me because it is very different from the area I grew up. I feel it gives me a better perspective on the world. Also, the food, arts, and music scenes in Baltimore are amazing, and very cheap. Do you live on the east coast? I would recommend visiting both places again to get a better feel. You can definitely email the admissions directors for each program and say you want to visit again. They can usually set you up with current students to show you around the city for a weekend and even arrange for you to meet with additional faculty if you can go on a weekday. I also had kind of an unusual situation, where my PI moved from Hopkins to U Penn in the middle of my PhD. I liked Hopkins and my program so much though that I actually stayed in Baltimore. I thought a lot about this, and my final decision came down to the fact that I thought the research environment at Hopkins was more stimulating for my interests and the network of people was so supportive that I would be taken care of no matter what struggles came from being in a "long distance relationship" with my PI. I'd be happy to talk more if you want to message me, but I also recommend you get in contact with the deans of admission and potentially arrange another visit.
  3. I'm at Kyoto University now. PM me on here and I'll give you my email if you want to chat more about the application or working in Japan.
  4. Just heard back that my GROW Japan was approved!
  5. @CrystalGG this is what I'm hoping as well. I highly doubt there is some "accept everyone" button, and more likely there is a "send notifications" button that sends award notifications to all of the individuals who actually had their applications approved. Maybe that's just naive hope, but I'm sticking with it!
  6. @roadrunner797 Where in the Netherlands are you going? I am originally from the NL and am sure you will have an amazing time!
  7. I also heard back today and got the GROW for Japan! I wasn't expecting to hear back this soon based on the timeline of previous years, but it made the announcement that much more exciting! Congrats everyone!
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