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[UX/IXD] Pratt vs. Parsons vs. SVA vs. NYU vs. CCA


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Hi guys,

I posted a topic a few weeks ago, and now I am posting again because the decision gets harder......

Now I have got the following admissions, and all are STEM programs:

Pratt - Information Experience Design (IED) 
Parsons - Design and Technology (DT)
SVA - Interaction Design (
NYU - Interactive Telecommunication Programs (ITP)
California College of Arts - Interaction Design (IXD)*

*= 1 year. The rest are 2-year programs.


My goal is to become a UX / Interaction Designer because I enjoy the process of turning an idea into a usable/ helpful reality!
So, I think Pratt, SVA and Parsons may suit me more than the NYU, which is very artistic and experimental, and the 1-year CCA may be too rush for me to polish my skills and establish myself in the field.

Has anyone had any advice on choosing the program to get to my goal as a UX/IXD designer? 

Thank you guys for your patience! Please don't hesitate to enlighten me if you have any ideas! :)

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Both ITP and DT requires a lot of coding and physical computing (connecting wires etc.) So if you just want to do UX / IxD, then DT and ITP might not the best option for you. I think SVA provides better and more professional UX education than Pratt (which I heard a is really library-heavy program). 

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Hi, :) Congratulations on your acceptance.

I am also having a hard time to decide between SVA and Pratt.  

Did you make a decision? I am actually leaning toward SVA’s program because of the great faculty & meticulous curriculum. 

Pratt’s program was founded in 2016 or 2017. I think the program needs more time to be verified.. but Pratt seems to give students more freedom. And relatively cheaper tuition (compared to SVA) and scholarship are really tempting.

And I did not apply to Parsons/NYU because these programs tend to focus on coding&technology&media instead of UX/UI design.

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Hi, my partner is a director-level interaction designer. He recommends SVA for a more 'straightforward' UX/IXD experience. CCA may also be a good choice, given that it is work-oriented and only a year in length. NYU is more experimental, a meeting place of art and technology- not exactly what you're looking for. 


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