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Gre Score for Clinical Psych PhD


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I got a 303 on the GRE (154 V/149 Q)...I've never successfully taken this test and I struggle with standardized testing in general. Is this a score that I could even apply to a PhD program for Clinical Psych with? If not, what is a score I can reasonably work towards (people say not to expect increases by more than 5 points)? 

So many programs claim to be holistic now, but they still have their "average" GRE score up on the website. I've taken this test 3 times in the last 3 years....is it worth taking again? Without mentioning any of my other accomplishments, is this GRE score bad enough to automatically have my application thrown into the trash? 

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That's hard to say, as a lot of programs are different in how much consideration they give to GRE scores. I have heard of people getting in with poor scores, but they made up for it with having exceptional experience, GPA, pubs/posters, etc. Personally, I do think it's worth it for you to take it again, as your scores may get you screened out at a lot of schools--I think you should aim at least for a 310 combined score to get through that screening process. 

Can I ask how you're preparing for it? One thing that really helped me was actually emulating the test conditions during my practice tests (i.e. going to the library and using a desktop, completing it w/ the time constraints), so that when it came time for test day, I wasn't as nervous as I would've been.

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