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Interested in MDiv/MPP @ HDS


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As far as doing it - it's as simple as applying. As a M.Div student you'd need to apply during your first year. Once accepted you inform the Registrar's Office for HDS and they'll meet with you and layout the sequence in which you have to take the courses. I can't speak to MPP specifically but my classmates that did JD, MD, or MSN degrees usually split the M.Div degree. Something like this:

Year 1 - Div School

Year 2+ - Other degree

Year X - Finish Div School

The reasoning being is that M.Div coursework is the easiest to split up and most other degrees are significantly more complicated.

As far as opportunities - that's up to you. You're going to be asked why you're applying by both schools and how you plan on using both degrees so I'd spend some time getting comfortable with your answer.

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14 hours ago, PonderingPerson400 said:

Hello, everyone. I'm starting the MDiv degree at Harvard this fall, but I'm also interested being dual enrolled in the Kennedy school with an MPP.  If anyone has any insight on how to  pursue this or what opportunities it may bring, I would really appreciate it!

Aside from process... what are you trying to get out of this?

From the MPP in particular?

From combining in general? 

Career advantages? Time to wait out the recession...etc?

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