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Medical Externships Through Telepractice

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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during the current health pandemic. For those of you who recently graduated or are expecting to graduate soon, did you complete your medical externship through teletherapy? If so which teletherapy companies are open to students?

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I think it's still up the air. We've been told to just accept that medical placements might not be available until Spring (which is our last semester, so a bummer). I know some outpatient clinics moved to telepractice with their clients so they're just having the students who would've been in person join them for telepractice. It's a different experience though. I think it's pretty unknown how/if that'll happen!! Usually my program has us in externships our summer after first year but they've just continued the campus clinic via telepractice this summer :( thankful for hours!! but not the same! 

My back up is just take any externships I can and hope I can get a job in a SNF while taking CEU's and possibly working PRN during my CF to gain experience and maybe be hired as a med slp in the future? who knows.

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