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Are there splitters in grad admissions?


I had a low gpa in undergrad, both due to some deaths in the family and some personal issues. I ended up at a 2.98 However, I have since gotten my act together in the last two years. I also got 170/167/5.5 on my only GRE. Is it possible for me to get into a good school or does my sub-3.0 GPA pretty much rule me out from the beginning?

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Like @PsyDuck90 said, it really depends on the program. Some programs have a GRE requirement because it is required by the university, and they don't even count that in. With programs that do require it, I would say that your scores could help. Of course, everything in your application is taken into consideration (SOP, LORs, etc.).

Good luck! 🙂

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