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Adler University vs Midwestern University (Downer's Grove) Clinical Psychology

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Hello All

-A little about me, I am currently in the process of interviewing at Midwestern and just finished an interview at Adler. I am pursuing a Psy.D and leaning towards a neuropsychology emphasis to prepare me to work with a wide array of mental-diagnoses and patients that span from adolescents to adults. I am very open to what clinical setting to work in but at some point in my career I would like to work with the prison population.

-I am looking for someone who attends either of these schools or has proficient knowledge in them to help me weigh out some pros and cons. Midwestern in particular has been hard to find specific faculty information about and locating previous or current students has been hard as well. So far I enjoy the location of Midwestern more than Adler and the cost may be slightly less. However, Adler seem to be very reputable and is more well-known which makes me more comfortable committing 5 years of my life to.

Anything information that people could add would be extremely helpful and I would greatly appreciate any input!!!


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Both of these programs have an insane amount of debt attached to them, especially Adler. Before doing my research, I applied to Adler and was accepted after turning down an interview. It appears they are for-profit. Also, if you want to specialize in neuro, getting an internship may be hard from these programs. Their match statistics are very low. Adler also has INSANELY large cohorts (more than 50 people) so individualized training is unlikely. I would check Student Doctor Network and do a forum search for many discussions had about these two programs. 

Good luck in you endeavors!

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I second what @txpsychology said. I don't know where you heard that Adler is reputable, but it is not. It is often discussed in the category of the diploma mills that will take anyone who is willing to pay their insane costs. Midwestern also doesn't have the greatest reputation. If you want to pursue neuropsychology, you need to find POIs with strong research in neuropsychology because that is a very competitive specialty and while a strong understanding of research is important in clinical psych in general, it is especially important in neuropsych. There are some university-based PsyDs that will get you where you want to be, but I wouldn't recommend either of these 2. General rule of thumb: if a school has multiple locations in different states, it is likely not going to be a good idea. Also, the main page on Midwestern says that they have a 100% internship match rate, but when you finally find the student outcomes data, the last 2 years were 71% and 90% for the last 2 years, which isn't great. The fact they advertise 100% on the main page makes them seem real shady. Also, they only have a 79% licensure rate. PsyDs are not typically going into academia, and even then licensure is often a plus. What are the other 21% doing? It's likely that they can't get licensed based on the incredibly poor EPPP pass rates. The poor pass rates are for Adler to if you look up those stats. If you don't pass the EPPP, you cannot become licensed as a psychologist in any state. Reputable programs typically have a 100% pass rate. These programs range from 55-75% pass rates. That's....not good and points to poor training. I would save your time and money and look for other programs. 

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