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Performance Studies Applicants 2022


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7 hours ago, raymo said:

@lagom_lagom That's awesome! Congratulations! Where on your CUNY app are you seeing that? Mine looks the same?


I heard back from UW at the end of last week and had an interview yesterday. Still haven't heard from CUNY or Columbia.

Also wondering the same thing about CUNY... I haven't heard anything yet, and nothing appears on my app portal...

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In case anyone's curious, NYU program said this to me a few weeks ago when I inquired about performance studies PhD:


We are still reviewing graduate applications for both the Ph.D. and MA programs and are scheduled to have decisions ready to go out by March 11th. Applicants who are not being accepted to either program will get letters a week earlier or so. Yes, we usually interview Ph.D. finalists about a week before the 11th, via zoom.


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41 minutes ago, Sarah1010 said:

Hello All!  I had lost hope after my rejection from Columbia but was thrown a huge curve ball-got my acceptance to NYU's MA in Performance Studies just now!  

Haven't received info on funding yet so I'm terribly worried about the financing involved.  But I got accepted!  OMG!  


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