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Fall 2023 Business Ph.D. Applicants


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On 1/17/2023 at 5:27 PM, labolabo said:

Did you see it on GradCafe? I also saw one. Do you know which track? 

It was for the OM track
Which post are you talking about? I don't think that I noticed anything in another thread

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12 hours ago, zed9090 said:

I applied 17 programs (I am on CB track), only got one interview by now...

I mean this is frustrated, anyone has update from UMinnesota,  UChicago, Yale, Penn State, ASU, UArizona, UBC?

I have applied to ASU but have not yet heard back yet. If you don't mind sharing, where did you receive interview from?

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6 hours ago, aspirant2023 said:

Hey. Anyone heard from Strategy/Management Columbia, Cornell, UNC, Carlson, Wharton? There are very few updates on this on the results page. It would be great to know is someone received invites. I cant keep calm...hahaha


Wharton, Columbia, Carlson already sent the invitation for the first round interview last week for strategy/entrepreneurship.


Other schools have already sent at least the first round interview invitation (INSEAD, Ross etc).

I haven't applied to UNC and haven't heard from Cornell yet.


I hope everything goes well.


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6 minutes ago, aspirant2023 said:

Thank you. Its so weird the email that i received from Columbia earlier. They said they haven't shortlisted yet. All the best to you.

I received the invitation on January 30th. Just finished the interview two days ago.

Maybe they are still in the process of selecting candidates!


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2 hours ago, fgvadhsjk said:

Has anyone heard from Cornell's management & organisation group? I got interviews from most of mgt programs that I applied to except for this one...

I didn't hear from Cornell as well.

But there are other so many strong Macro programs other than Cornell so....

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I've applied to London Business School, INSEAD, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and University College London for a PhD in Management (Entrepreneurship/Strategy). Anyone here who has received Acceptances or Interview requests?

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