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Forum Stats for Nov '10

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Top 10 Posters

  1. bhikhaari 108
  2. Bukharan 72
  3. Strangefox 61
  4. newms 60
  5. unlockeconphd 51
  6. JoeySsance 48
  7. sarandipidy 48
  8. musicforfun 44
  9. Chumlee 44
  10. LJK 36
Congrats bhikhaari! Welcome to the list :)

By the numbers

In total there were 3,179 posts made this month (2,918 in November 2009). There were 125,845 visits, 64,605 Unique Visitors and 615,615 Pageviews to the forum. Thanks everyone for keeping the forum busy and all of your contributions. Once again, let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

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Haha, this happened when I was applying for my previous degree, but in a different forum. My anxiety gets the best of me and I get curious and then suddenly find myself sucked into these applying communities, despite my best efforts and resolution to stay away and do productive things. Don't worry, come April, I'll be gone (either celebrating or mourning).

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