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Counselling Psychology 2023-2024 Apps (CANADA)

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Hi there! It's definitely early but I'm in the process of researching Masters in Counselling Psych programs for next year! I figured it would be great for applicants to have a place to ask questions / share insights / talk results when the time comes :) Don't know a whole lot of ppl in this field so appreciate anyone willing to join! 

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Hello Everyone and thank you for starting this thread. This will be my second time applying. I am only going to apply to UFT M.Ed Counselling and Psychotherapy and MSW, and Athabasca M.Ed Counselling. I do not meet admission requirement for most other Ontario programs. 

I have a cumulative 3.2 GPA and 3.5 average in my last year. I have five years of volunteer experience in various settings (crisis line, one-on-one with adult with mental health issues, work with youths). Currently I work with children with ASD/ADHD/etc.

I am not too hopeful because my GPA is not that great, I do not have any experience working in counselling, and my supportive work with adults was limited to volunteering roles. However, I hope to write a good statement focusing on transferrable skills. 

Let's start this journey together! Feel free to msg me :) 


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Hey everyone! So lovely to see people commenting on here and to connect :) Excited that we're in this (very stressful) boat together! Applying to UofT as well as a handful of other Ontario programs, basically whatever's accredited with the CRPO. 

I'm wondering if any re-applicants have any tips on writing letters of intent / application questions...reflecting on past cycles, what would you say is important to include and/or avoid in your application? What would you do differently or the same? 

@Psychology2018 your experience looks amazing!! I would say all of this can be considered relevant counselling experience, even if it's not resembling psychotherapy (which is a difficult thing to achieve pre-Master's). Best of luck to you! 

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