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HGSE 2025

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Hello again all! I am reapplying one more time for HGSE, and hoping the third time is the charm for me! These forums have helped me SO much during my last application cycles, and I am looking forward to getting to know others applying the year. :) 

I copied what I used the last couple of years to start the thread (thank you SO MUCH to @TabTurbo for doing this originally!), and have done my best to keep it up to date:

HGSE Basic Info

Admission Stats

  • Fall 2021 acceptance rate 36% (2723 Applied, 969 Accepted,  717 Enrolled | source: Peterson's - assume this is F21 given the record number of apps but could be wrong) (NOTE: I looked around and haven't found any more recent data than this....if someone does find some, please share it here :))
  • GC applicant admission data from 2013-2024 (huge thanks to @graciasadios and @mjsmith for compiling)
  • Student body breakdown (2023-2024 entering class data)

HGSE Publications

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