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Ranked third on waiting list


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Hi guys,

I received an email today from a course I applied that I am ranked third on the waiting list. I am told that they would like to enrol eight students this time, and will accept students on the waiting list if they don't receive a cohort of eight by April 15.

I am not sure if this is a good news or bad news, and hope you guys can analyze this for me. When the admission committee wants only eight students, does it mean that they send out only eight offers of admissions or do they give out slightly more since they may not receive 100% positive replies? I'm quite concerned about this since my chances depend gravely on how they issue admission offers.... kinda want to know how much chances I have for this school.

I am positive about this in general, my GPA is not fantastic, and we are talking about a pretty good university so I am glad that I may be ranked as high as 11th among so many applicants.

Hope you guys can share your views!

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Congrats on being 3rd on the waitlist! I was waitlisted as well, though I have no idea where I stand. My hopes are high, and here's why:

(1) My husband works in the uppity-up of a state university, and knows about the funding crunch that EVERY American university is going through. You can feel fairly confident that only 8 offers were sent out this year because the school's can't afford to make a financial offer that isn't backed up.

(2) Very few people apply to only one graduate program. Given that information, I would bet that some of the "first choice" students at that school are also first choice students at another school or so. It is very likely that, at least, a few offers, even from the "best" schools will be declined. I wouldn't expect this to happen until April, though, as those applicants do have a right to agonize over which decision to make.

Given that information, I'd say that being #3 on the waitlist is an excellent sign. I bet it also means that your application was well received at other institutions. Now all you have to do is stay sane until mid-April. ;)

Best of luck!

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I think the fact they gave you a specific number is a good sign; clearly, they expect it's likely they'll be able to offer you a spot.

Bear in mind, logistically it is most unlikely all 8 admits are going to accept their spots.

There are two people ahead of you on the waitlist.

If ONE of those people goes elsewhere, and ONE person says "No, thanks" to the admit already extended, you're first on the waitlist.

It's more than likely there will be more than one person admitted who says "No, thanks" - so your odds are extremely good. :)

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I think your odds are pretty good, but I guess it really depends on the reputation of the school - a very highly ranked school will have less admitted people going elsewhere than one that is not so highly ranked. Perhaps you can ask the department admissions people how many applicants typically get accepted off the wait-list - that might give you a better idea of your chances.

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