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i want to be a forensic anthropologist...please help me!

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Why not do forensics on the side and do physical/biological anthropology? Jobs are not available for strictly forensics.

This. Forensic anthropology is a really, really competitive field, and there really are not a lot of jobs strictly in forensics. I think about half of the people I graduated with are trying to get into forensic anthro. If you want to work in forensics really bad, consider approaching it from another angle. For instance, the archaeology grad student I worked with last year did forensic work in palynology for the CIA. I'm interested in forensics, too, but I'm in a criminology program, to look at forensics from a sociological perspective.

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i really want to join a forensic anthropology department! what do i need to do??? can anyone help me please?! what places should i apply?!

More power to you. I prefer to work with dry materials myself. But anyway, if I was only doing Forensics I would apply to UT Knoxville, some fine forensic specialty schools in England, and Mercyhurst mainly for the sheer number of Forensic Anthropologists they have on faculty.

Mercyhurst Forensic Anthropology


UT Knoxville


It may be a tight market but it seems like JPAC (Defense Dept) is always looking. Train with Forensic in mind, get some other chemical skills under belt and prepare to teach.

A lot of professors end up getting some aciton (legal examiner/forensic identification calls) on the side.

More about JPAC


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