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Waiting it Out on Canadian Universities - 2012

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Hello everyone,

I have just received two letters of admission from two different universities:






I live in Hamilton, and Brock uni. is closer to where I live!! however, I am not sure which university is better in terms of reputation!! funding is the same from both universities!

I appreciate any feedback :)
Thank you so much everyone!

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I don't think I've ever responded to someone's post in the way that I'm about to, but I really can't stay quiet this time. I'm truly sorry you've had some rejections, but your post reeks of stere

Very Good. I think you do not have enough knowledge about political theory. You should learn what is equality. You are cool, York is very happy to have a PhD student like you. systematic approach, man

*cries* Holy iheflwefobndfoboudgbaoudboubd@%$^%$^%@$@. Got acceptance email from Brock!! Not my first choice (McMaster is), but a critical theory program with the perfect advisor with international et

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