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USC Roski School of Fine Arts??


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Hi! I am applying there also, as a painter. The program is as you say an integrated program, from what I understand, they are looking for students who want to work in a multidisciplinary way. As a photographer, it's a good place if you are open to pushing your installation/presentation further, or combining medias a little. That said, I have never been there, this is just information I got from looking up recent grads and the website itself.

Hope this helps!

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Here are some photos of the school. Like the program, the school is actually pretty small and intimate. If you're not familiar with Los Angeles, you should also keep in mind that one DOES need a vehicle since it will be very difficult to rely on public transportation (unless your work is non-object based). Considering that the area surrounding USC is pretty sketchy, I really think women should make sure they do have a vehicle. Just thought I'd share some of my thoughts about USC since I'm out here. Also, for those planning to apply to UCLA, the graduate studios are away from the main campus in Culver City which is safer than the area near USC. Regardless, I cannot emphasize how important having a vehicle is in LA. Life without a vehicle will present many more obstacles. Good luck!


Graduate Studios


Communal Area




Main Gallery where they have the shows and information sessions


Another shot of the main gallery

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