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Worth updating my application?

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I didn't think I'd have anything worth even asking this question, but I found out this afternoon that I was nominated for and won my department's grad student researcher of the year award--I'm in a MA program--and am now up for the university-wide competition to decide the top three grad researchers in my large state university. But since my university's very research heavy (especially in the sciences), chances are a lowly lit scholar won't win the university wide thing.

So is this something worth notifying my schools about? I don't know when the university-wide thing is decided and, even if I win that, it'd likely be too late to alert my programs. I don't want to notify them about something "piddly" (the dept award) and have them think I'm ridiculous. However, if this is something that might help my application I definitely want them to know!

What would y'all do?

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Thanks for the feedback, @rainy_day, @perrykm2, and @marlowe! I'm going to run it by my advisor tomorrow then . . . call them? email them? And who? The dept itself? Or the DGS?

So many questions!

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Go for it. Last year I updated my applications due to a paper being accepted for publication after all of the apps were submitted. I contacted each department and they had me send in an updated CV and added it to my application package. Everyone I spoke with last year seemed understanding of the fact that a nice feather came after I submitted, and realized the importance. They had no problem with me updating. I think everyone understands that these accolades can come at any time.

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Thanks, @lolopixie and @lyonessrampant. I've been advised/asked to wait until I receive "official" word first. I don't know if that's because I'm up for the college-level award or what, so I'm hoping it's the former! (Of course, I'm also hoping that it means I can call or email the DGS to add this to my application and have them ALL tell me that they've already decided to admit me and will now add $20,000 to my already generous funding package... )

Dream big, right? ; )

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