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Nerd tattoos


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I saw a lot of people are planning on getting tats to celebrate acceptances.

What are you going to get? Is it related to your work? Have you seen Carl Zimmer's science tattoo book?

I'm applying to infectious disease programs. If I get in, I'm thinking of getting the plague doctor from this engraving:


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I think a plague doctor tattoo would be really cool, especially since it's so fitting with your interests. Go for it! :D

I love tattoos, but I don't really see myself getting any in the near future. If I were to get a tattoo as a gift to myself, it would likely be inspired by one of a series of images I found of newspaper articles with the majority of words blacked out to form new sentences. One of them said, to do the math, and at the same time, dream. That quote really stuck with me as a quantitative psychologist, because that is the root of what we do; we do the math (obviously), but at the same time, we are looking to answer questions in the big picture. Also, I have big dreams of graduating with a PhD and becoming successful as a professor/researcher, so I think that is another meaning that can be taken away from the statement.

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An image of Athena (Watchmen-style profile with more color) with a barn owl and some poppies.

I already have a The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy tattoo - "Don't" on the back of my left calf and "Panic" on the back of my right. It cracks up all the folk in my running group :P

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I was thinking of getting a tattoo of a QR Code. When scanned, you go to a web site where I can change the message/image.

I love that. It's the ultimate in zeitgeist. Even if QR codes become obsolete, it'll be a testament to the time when you could do that sort of thing!

I have 4 tattoos, all based directly or indirectly on medieval sources. 2 are based on Hiberno-Saxon manuscript design, particularly the Book of Kells; one contains elements from 12th-century Dutch manuscript of Manx heraldry; and one is a conflation of the Snaptun bellows stone and Scandinavian rune stones. Among the 4 tattoos are 3 words of Old Irish and 4 of Old Norse. I have plans for more, including an abbreviation of the Gosford Cross design and elements from the Tara Brooch. I guess you could say medieval studies *puts on sunglasses* has gotten under my skin (YEEAAAHHH)

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My roommates & I got matching black squirrel tattoos (they're tiny & the unofficial undergrad mascot) when I graduated. We all applied to Ohio State, so if we all get in I think we're doing something buckeye-related next. I'd like a buckeye tree to go with my squirrel maybe.

Unfortunately, not particularly nerdy. :( I saw a quote I'd really like in the future though that aligns with social work: "We make a living by what we have, but we make a life by what we give."

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