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Low GPA Acceptances?


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Are their other folks out there who applied to MSw programs with low GPAs and got accepted? I didn't go into this thinking it would be a big deal, since I have strong LsOR, a decent personal statement, years of work experience, over 500 hours of relevant volunteer experience, and nothing but As over the past two years. I failed out when I first started due to some pretty horrific tragedies, but I went back and finished years later and ended with a 3.02 (had to start again with my failing GPA). Now I see most of people's posted stats, and I still don't have a decision letter, and well, I'm starting to freak.

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As long as you have a gpa above the cutoff (usually a mid B standing, or 3.00 gpa), you willl be considered at most schools. It sounds like your 'bad' grades were earlier during your undergrad. They usually only look at the last two years and if you've got A's during that time, that will only look good :)

Good luck!

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