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When is waiting getting too late?


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I applied to a few neuroscience PhD programs but I haven't heard back from them and they are the more competitive schools. No rejections but no news either.

When does no news mean bad news? Do schools typically wait to releases answers or interview requests? This waiting game is not my thing....haha

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Have you looked at the results board? If no one has posted acceptances or interview invites then don't worry. If people have posted acceptances or interview invites then you might want to send an e-mail to the program checking on your status.

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In my experience, yes, because MA application deadlines are usually weeks to months later than PhD deadlines.

For schools that allow their doctoral program candidates to select the Master's program admission as an alternative, I believe the doctoral applicants (who were rejected from the docotoral program but accepted into the Master's) tend to find out first, too.

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