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I have applied for a Masters in English at Wake Forest and Villanova. I have been in touch with graduate directors/assistants throughout the application process and recently told them that I would like to visit the campuses and wanted to know if the directors or any professors would be able to meet with me.

The Villanova director said she would be glad to meet and I am going up there on Monday for an informal meeting; no one has referred to it as an interview. I am also touring around campus with her assistant, who has been very helpful to me throughout the process.

Wake Forest responded and said that I can attend a class, meet with and a professor whose research interests intersect with mine. I got the impression that I was being a bit of a nuisance by asking about a visit, but I would think that others have asked to meet with professors/students.

I would just like to know if any English applicants/students have met with WFU/VU professors or students and how things went. I don't know what to expect from either meeting but I suspect they will be quite different.

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I didn't apply to Wake Forest or Villanova, but I didn't get asked to visit until I was accepted to a program. I never had any interviews for my MA applications, just acceptance or rejections. You probably aren't the first one to visit, but it's not normal procedure for English from what I've experienced.

Hope that helps!

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I went to WFU for my MA, and we had a number of potential students visit during my time there. It's nothing unusual--or at least it wasn't while I was there!

Feel free to send me a private message if you'd like to hear my rambling, potentially incoherent, and likely outdated thoughts on WFU's program.

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