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I'm also applying for a masters in urban planning and haven't heard anything back. as previously mentioned, all of the schools I applied to send out decisions in march (both from info on their admissions sites and the results page stats from last year).

I did notice today that some people posted on the results page acceptances from UPenn and Berkeley (both schools I applied to) for the masters program. Of course I immediately checked my e-mail but nothing there :(

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hey, kendlaal, congrats on the admission. a question about ut austin, did they mentioned funding with your admission?

Thanks! I've only received my official letter of admission from the GIAC, that one didn't mention anything about funding. My department letter is yet to be received, I'm not sure if they'll email it directly, snail mail it, or if it will be available on the portal. I am assuming that funding information will come through them, but I'm not sure! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Glad to know that I'm not the only planner!!

I've applied to the top ten listed on the US weekly ..... Cornell, U-Mad, UN-CH etc.....

I've only heard back from two schools thus far..

Boston University - Met (Accepted)

UT - Austin ( Rejected)

I was invited to the meet and greet at Cornell University does that mean anything???

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I know Cornell sent out a general e-mail 2 weeks ago with Open House details. If you're referring to that, then I wouldn't read too much from it. I don't think we'll have to wait much longer for decision though, so best of luck.

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