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National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) Fellowship


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Someone on math gradcafe got awarded today! Check it out here.


That was actually me! I still can't believe it! I'm scared that any minute now, they're gonna email me back and say "We're sorry for the mistake, and we wish you the best in your graduate studies..."

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Hey - does anyone know how competitive this fellowship is, and what they look for compared with NSF?

Also, is Lawrence Livermore National Lab listed under Sandia Natl. Labs/CA - Livermore, CA?

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I called them today. They said that they had already handed out some notifications and that they are still in the process of evaluating and sending out offers. The woman advised me that if i did not hear from them by the end of next week (which involves an email and a telephone call) to assume that I did not receive it. She also said that NPSC is switching over to a new system and that in the mean time it is important to check their website for available updates. As of now, there are none. 


So have you any of you heard? If so, congrats! Otherwise, looks like we're still in limbo for now...

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Also, does anyone have any information about the number of awards vs. number of applicants, whether they tend to call or email results first, when they've released results last year, etc.?  There seems to be very little information about this fellowship floating around  :wacko:  Any info would be much appreciated!

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