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The Thread of Encouraging Words

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If I were to describe the general forum atmosphere, I'd say it's pretty tense. Thick with stress. Unfun. You know, all those types of things.


BUT, it's all going to be okay, guys. No matter if we get accepted to 5 or rejected to 15 or waitlisted to 3 or whatever, we are still unique, passionate individuals who will find our ways! Everything for a reason, and it will all turn out well!


In the spirit of lessening the stress of this board at least a little, let's use this thread to post encouraging words, sites, quotes, or anything that helps to make our days a little less tense!


Happy February, and keep your chins up!



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The ultimate panacea: PandaCam  panda-emoticon-22.gif?1292863509




On a similar note, because this video never gets old:




Almost 155 million views, and it still cracks me up every time.

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Ha, I know! And the music feels like being in a sensory torture chamber. But at least the terror temporarily displaces the anxiety? :unsure:


Yup, I played again! And now I see a pink box everywhere I look...

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Not so much encouragement, but happy distraction for dog lovers: http://www.dogshaming.com/ I could read through these all day (even if I'm slightly bitter they haven't published any of the several pictures I've submitted. My dog is downright gross sometimes, but I love him so).


My fave of all time:



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Glad somebody finally got to see it! it is a little anticlimactic after all those posts, but put that ish in full screen and, as always, stare at the middle for even more good times.

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