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Stanford MS CS Application


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I just logged into my Stanford MS CS application and was shocked to find that it says


"Application Status: Incomplete"


Now I have submitted all documents, references.


I suspect it says incomplete because it shows my transcript status as : "Received(Not Official)".


Does this mean they havent received my transcript? Because I sent all the transcripts together and the other Universities seem to have got them. 


Anyone else having status/issue as me?





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Yes.  Did you not read/receive this email sent on the 12th of December?



Dear applicant,

If your application status is showing as 'incomplete' and you have already
sent us 2 sets of your official transcripts, have had your test scores sent
to the university, and have three (3) letters of recommendation submitted
in the system, please disregard the application status message. Because of
the volume of mail that we are receiving at this time, we cannot respond to
individual inquiries about materials not yet received. Rest assured that we
will contact you if we have questions about receipt of your supporting


Computer Science Graduate Admissions
Stanford University
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FYI, my PhD application still shows as "Incomplete" after it has been reviewed and rejected  :rolleyes:


I don't think you should worry too much, they can first review based on your "unofficial" credentials then ask for the official copies later if needed. Good luck.

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Dont worry. I have emailed Stanford and they replied:


If you have submitted your unofficial transcripts, TOEFL and GRE scores, and all your LORS are in, you shouldn't be alarmed. The online review system does not update receipt of official transcripts. You will be notified IF we are missing application materials from you.


Computer Science Graduate Admissions 
Stanford University

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