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Are you kidding me?!?!?


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Just received an acceptance letter from Drexel Public Health. This perplexed me since my application was incomplete. I called the school, and it seems like the school accidently sent out about 20 of these e-mails because they were figuring out how to work the system.


Thanks for that.

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That should be illegal. There should be fines.

There was a story in another thread about someone that got an accidental acceptance email somewhere, which was then followed up by another email saying "sorry for our horrible mistake", with rejection letter attached.

Wow! could you point me to where that story is? I really want to read it 8)

How could they play with people's feelings like that and then claim it was just a hoorible mistake...??? :cry:

You are right... that sould be ilegal...

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Yeah, i got a somewhat apologetic remark over the phone, and they said that they would be sending out e-mails apologizing for their mistake. *rolls eyes*. I say, ive suffered emotional trauma and an acceptance should mend it. :-)

At least I knew that something was not right since my application was not complete...think about the people who had complete applications.

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