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Wet or Dry Food?

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My sister did this and the it made the cat neurotic. He would be visibly unhappy when he had to go. Also, she had to keep water in the bathroom sink --otherwise he preferred to use it rather than the toilet.

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What cat food do you have in the States? I'm bringing two over.


What ComeBackZinc said. I swear by Before Grain--both for wet and dry food. Fromm is also a decent option for dry food (can't speak for their wet food as I've not tried). 

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Do you have organic cat food/organic human food?


Oh man, I lol'd so hard. I'm assuming you meant you as in Americans, yes? If you have to ask that question, you are going to have quite the culture shock when you get here. I watch commercials everyday wherein people treat their pets like people. There is a refrigerated section in the pet aisle of my local grocery store because "your kids deserve the best." I can't even remember the last time I went grocery shopping in a store that didn't have a dedicated organic section. This place is CRAWLING with it. Not that that's bad, I've just become so used to it that I find it refreshing that anyone even needs to ask!

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