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Fall 2015 MFA


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I am from India & I got admitted to New School, Poetry + 25% funding. While the finances is one part, can you shed some light on the quality of faculty and other things there? Do you know of anyone who can help me?

Hi shriiram, 

I'm afraid I don't know much about poetry programs in general. If you have any questions related to the New School in general, I can pass them onto some of my friends who go there. 

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The MFA Years is taking first year blogger applications until June 1st. If anyone is starting their MFA in the fall and is interested click here. We're taking four each in poetry, fiction and non fiction.

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Hello all! I'm new here. :) I've been out of undergrad for about 3 years but really wanted to pursue an MFA after years of working in writing/editing. It's been my dream for years to go to grad school for Creative Writing, and needless to say I was a complete nervous wreck come acceptance season.


I was rejected from WUSTL, Brown, Alabama, NYU, Hunter, Iowa, and Columbia. 


I just received my acceptance from The New School and despite its lack of funding (the standard 25%), I couldn't be happier, although I'm going to ask about becoming a TA and other financial packages. I'm still waiting to hear from City College of New York.

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