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UCLA MSW Fall 2016 Applicant

Jen B

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Hello everyone, 


I'm applying to the MSW program at UCLA for Fall 2016. My undergrad GPA is only a 3.3, I have a little over 3 years experience working with at-risk youth, foster care youth, and currently doing a 1 year internship with an organization that focuses on Reproductive Justice. 


I'm worried about my chances of getting in because of my GPA. I didn't take the GRE because on the MSW online checklist it mentioned you don't have to submit GRE scores if your GPA is lower than a 3.3. I've also tried contacting professors I'd like to work with but haven't heard back yet. 


I'm also applying to U. Michigan, U. Washington. Both of which don't require the GRE. 


What are my chances of getting in to any of these schools? 

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Well, I got into UCLA's MPP program last night... but I'm still waiting to hear back from the MSW, just like y'all.

The MPP program gave me a small fellowship, and I doubt the MSW program will offer enough aid to justify the cost of moving to and living in LA.

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I applied to UCLA on November 29th.... I am going crazy.... I also applied to USC, but UCLA is my top choice.... I can't wait for people to start posting acceptances.... I feel like the UCLA MSW thread is very quiet this year...

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Yes ! obsessive speculation calms my nerves! rcthess, it sounds like you have some pretty good odds! you must've been a strong applicant. mrskozee, ucla is also my number one...heres some of my experience below...

  • 3.5 gpa double major in psychology and sociology 
  • two years at campus early childhood education center during undergrad
  • two quarters of mentoring local low income students 
  • one year behavior therapy and parent education for kids with autism
  • peace corps in west africa for a few months until mandatory health evacuation 
  • six months volunteer at outreach center for homeless youth
  • 158 verbal 159 quant on gre

I applied to ucla, sdsu, utaustin, univ of illinois chicago, and uni of washington. only heard back from ut so far... SO SO anxious and eager


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I'm honestly concerned about UCLA's overall funding situation. I know someone who got into their political science Ph.D program and they couldn't offer him any funding...that's a huge red flag for me that a doctoral program can't support its first-year students!

I know they're different departments and all, but it's still interesting. I guess we'll have to see if the MSW program has any funding to spare.

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@lizlizliz, I don't mind your questions at all! 

I submitted my Application on November 29th I believe. 

I graduated Magna Cum Laude, and completed the honors program from my community college after returning when I was 22 because I had a baby at 16. 

I have a 3.28 from UCLA in Sociology. I completed UCLA honors, but began an awful divorce my last quarter that resulted in a D in an upper division class causing my GPA to drop. This was explained in my Personal Statement. 

I decided not to take toe GRE. I am not a good standardized test taker, and did not want the possibility of a crappy score putting my academic integrity into question.  

I have spent the past ten years working strictly in social services. I worked with Adults with disabilities as a case manager (for two different non-profits equaling 3 1/2 years,) an in-home care scheduler for the elderly (two years), an adaptive skills tutor for 2 1/2 years and currently work for the Department of Public Social Services as a General Relief and Food Stamp intake worker. I am very familiar with social services; the good, bad and really ugly!

I got recommendations from my CC mentor/professor, a previous supervisor who is now an Executive Director at one of the biggest Independent Living Center Non-profits in Souther California and my current Supervisor. 

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. 

Good luck and stay in touch! 

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