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@OhSoSolipsistic My program isn't on campus this year, but I'm familiar with Fairfax, so here's my two cents.

GMU is a commuter school, Fairfax is hella expensive to live in.It just is, and being a super economically stratified area there are parts of it that aren't very safe. I live two counties over in a less populated area. Fairfax right near DC so there are a lot of politically-important speakers that come down, which means part of the campus sometimes gets shut down around whatever building they're speaking in so the secret service/regular police can do sweeps and make sure it's safe. That doesn't happen too often though. Cheaper places to live include Bristow, Gainseville, Manassas (though also not very safe in some areas), Haymarket, etc. It's pretty easy to get on the metro in Vienna and head up into DC to go see the sights and the (free!) Smithsonian museums, and the area in VA is very historical, it's full of Civil War history.

GMU is one of the fastest growing schools and I know my program has had some growing pains to match. Other programs (my dad is in the engineering school) do not have this issue. I see you're a flavor of psychology; that program owns an off-campus building (my classes are there right now) where there is a mental health clinic and they do the educational testing for the local students. I know a fair number of their grad students get practical experience there. As far as I've heard from people in my program who were psych undergrads, it's a pretty good program.

TL;DR is the city is very expensive, the school pretty good and growing really fast, and overall the area in Virginia is pretty great.

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Hi all, Follow up question for alums from George Mason: what degree are programs focused on federal government??  I understand its assumed with DC but looking for balance in public/ngo sector career/state and local policy.

Much appreciated!

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