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  1. I made a groupchat! If you guys want to join just dm me your number
  2. Hi! I have created a groupme. If you and anyone else who will be attending Hampton would like to join, send me your number so I can add you. So far its only two of us!
  3. Im going to make a hampton groupme, do yall want to be part of it? i think it would be a good way to talk to about things regarding school.
  4. I plan on orientation! And I am currently looking for housing. I am on the 3 year track since my bachelors is in early childhood/international studies. Im thinking of making a facebook page. Congrats, and welcome to the crew
  5. yes! lets exchange info, we can exchange emails or even numbers! dm me if you like! im glad to meet someone who will be going
  6. I applied to Hampton with similar stats like yours and was accepted to Hampton. DM me if you have any questions
  7. I majored in the same thing-Teacher Assistant, Sub Teacher, Nanny, Child Care Worker-anything centered around children really. Im currently a sub and I think this job is especially good since you can work with different age groups and different developmental levels while seeing how things are done in a classroom setting. Good luck to you.
  8. congrats! you have to do whats best for you. would you have been going out of state? that is very expensive. either way good luck to you and next year youll be in a program.
  9. Have you checked ASHA? Look at the acceptance rates, narrow them down and then talk to the directors of the programs to se if you have a chance. Honestly with your stats, you cant be too picky-you may have to apply out of state. Hampton University just accepted me, and I had similar stats. Make sure to get good LOR's, highlight relevant experience and write a bomb ass statement
  10. I just got accepted to Hampton University, and my gpa was lower than yours. I am sure you'll get in. These days, being billingual and able to work well with others of different cultures well is an advantage( youll be surprised so many people are horrible at this) . So def play that up ( your Spanish)- thats really important for billingual families, as well as the fact that you are going abroad. Def use those 2 to your advantage. I made sure to highlight I was a beginner in Arabic and studied in Turkey. So if I can do it why cant you? Make sure you get some great references too.
  11. Get a job in the field too. Sub teaching/TA/ childcare center. Experience is a good place to start and play up your Spanish speaking skills.
  12. I've officially been accepted to this school! But before accepting I want to know how this school is from students who actually attend? The clinical oppurtunities, the cost, housing-all of those factors I need to know about.
  13. please do tell what schools these were! my stats are similar as well.
  14. Im still waiting on Hampton University. I applied like April 3rd. This is taking forever. I am going to go ahead and start applying to other programs for next year since this is my last chance.
  15. Anybody go to Hampton? I want to apply there, but I am starting to second guess myself. First of all my gpa sucks, and my GRE isnt great either ( with the exception of my AW score). I am praying I can get in. I am pretty much done with the process, but wanted to know other stats who currently go there just to have a vision of my chance of getting in. And Ive already researched their usual stats, but it would be nice to see if anyone here has some similar stats to mine.
  16. Welp heard back from Radford and was rejected ( was expecting that). I am now waiting on Hampton. Anybody else get accepted to Hampton now or recently, if so what were your stats. This is really the school id like to go to
  17. congrats on being accepted! i love to hear stories such as this!
  18. I applied January 31st. Im thinkng I may be rejected, I dont have great stats, but it doesent hurt to try. Worst they can do is say no. But its just not knowing! My status is "still under review". When did you apply?
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