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university in CALIFONIA for CS - quick profile evaluation please


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  • 7.3 CG from Manipal institute of tech
  • 170+148 in GRE
  • 115 in TOEFL
  • research proj at IIT
  • 6 month internship with Juniper Networks
  • 3 very strong LoRs (iit prof, juniper(influential), college(hod))
  • NO PAPERS but all research and work ex in the same field of study

I want to apply to 1 SAFE and 1 MODERATE-AMBITIOUS uni in California. Any suggestions?

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Your Low GPA and low verbal score are going to be a significant obstacle. From my personal experience, recommendation letters from Indian universities tend to be valued less than from some of the other countries. Admissions committees have noticed over the years that students from India have been writing their own letters and started adjusting their weight accordingly. So, I would not count on the letters. Then, your excellent TOEFL score might make them ignore the low verbal score. So, a positive there. Overall, your profile does not stand out in any noticeable manner, so, just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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