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Deadline Confusion Due To Date Format Rutgers


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They are probably using the US versioning of dates of Month/Day. Makes more sense that way when the deadline to submit for admission with  financial aid is Dec 1st but the absolute deadlines without aid are later (March and May 1st).

I agree that it might be confusing since the world using a different standard. Every CS department I applied to spelled out the month (so December 1st rather than 12/1)

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4 hours ago, sshresth12 said:

The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?

There are multiple ms/stats programs at rutgers, all with different deadlines, but in general the 12/1 (December 1 2016) deadline is for applying for admission and financial aid

The Statistics & Biostatistics - Data Science specialization at the New Brunswick Graduate school has rolling admissions (you can pretty much apply until the day before classes start in the Fall)

The plain Statistics & Biostatistics program at the NB Grad school, has a May 1 2017 deadline or domestic students, March 1 2017 for international students,

The Statistics / financial concentration has a July 1st and June 1st deadline for US or international students.

The program at the School of Public Health has a completely different application process with different deadlines. the School of Public Health came over with the UMDNJ merger and has not been completely integrated with the rest of RU yet.





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You should read all dates and time formats in the local convention of the school. In the US, numerical dates are always month/day, so 12/1 is December 1. In Canada, we mostly use Day-Month, however, both formats are common so you'll very rarely see numerical dates (the US seems to really like to abbreviate things!)---you'll see 1 Dec or Dec 1 instead. 

Same thing with times. If you see a time listed, assume it's in the time zone of the school unless listed otherwise!

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