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  1. The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?
  2. The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?
  3. The Rutgers deadline says 12/1 for MS in Statistics. Does this mean 1 December 2016 or 12 January 2017?
  4. Does my research in a reputed institute of India under the guidance of a Prof and sponsored by Microsoft count as an índependent research experience? The Harvard AM Statistics Application has one of the questions as ‘Describe an independent research experience’ and I wanted to be sure about what I write.
  5. Hey, um so I noticed that you got into great MS Programs last year and was wondering if you could give us an idea about your profile? I am interested in the UChicago and AM Harvard Statistics program but my GRE Quant score is bugging me (165-Q, 163-V, 4-AWA).

    A late congratulations again! Thank You!

    1. StatMaster2016


      Hey! Your GRE is pretty strong. Your verbal is good and I think 165 and above is good enough for the quant section. I think 4 and above is good enough for the writing.


      Here is a message I sent to someone else on this same topic:

      About me

      Domestic, Caucasian male

      School: UW-Madison

      Majors: B.S., Psychology and Economics

      Minors: Business

      Other: Completed basic pre-med courses and was one course short of minoring in math

      Cumulative GPA: 3.77

      Major GPA (Psychology): 3.94

      Major GPA (Econ): 4.00


      Graduated with distinction

      Distinction in the psychology major

      Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

      GRE scores

      167 Q (94th percentile)

      166 V (96th percentile)

      4.0 W (56th percentile)

      Quant courses/grades

      Calc I (AP)

      Calc II (A)

      Multivariable Calc (A)

      Probability and Math Stats I (A) - Honors

      Probability and Math Stats II (A) - Honors

      Matrix and Linear Algebra (A)

      Acc. Intro to Stats (A) - Honors

      Econometrics (A)

      Intermediate Microeconomics (A)

      Intermediate Macroeconomics (A)

      Intro to Finance (A)

      Investment Theory (A)

      Game Theory (A)

      Psychology Stats ( B ) - Honors

      Experimental Psychology (A)

      Intro to programming in R (A)

      Intermediate programming in R (A)

      Intro to Data Programming (Python) (A)

      Work experience

      -2 summer internships, one being in market research


      Academic research experience

      -Research assistant in psychology lab; this was not very statistical in nature though

      Other things

      -Played club baseball for 5 years

      -On the board of Psi Chi (psychology honor society) for a year

      -Served as treasurer in an investment club


      I should note that I completed my undergrad in 5.5 years because I changed my mind regarding what I wanted to do late. I should also note that I had a 4.00 in my final 3.5 years of school (my first two years weren't great). My profile shows that you can get in without having the strongest math/stat background. I actually think my diversity of academic interests may have set me apart from the pack-- having cognate knowledge is important for applied statistics. With that being said, I do recommend developing a stronger math/stat background than I did (the only reason I didn't was that I started late-- I took Calc II in my 5th year of school). I also recommend learning how to program in R and/or Python. These languages seem to be popular among statisticians/data scientists. Also, people say that the verbal section of the GRE doesn't matter, but I have a hunch that it's used as a tie-breaker in some cases and that a low score hurts ones chances or even gets people disqualified (definitely get above 150 and getting above 155 would certainly be better; for the quant section, get 165+; for writing, get at least a 4.0).

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions-- I'd be happy to answer.

    2. sshresth12


      Thank You! This helped me loads ! :)

    3. StatMaster2016


      No problem! Good luck!!

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