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CSDCAS Evaluations

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Hi all,

I am fortunate to have five good references submitting to CSDCAS. I decided to go above the minimum of 3 mostly because there are different requirements for each of my programs (both in # of references needed and the general vibe of the program, some placing more emphasis on experience over academia). I also did this because each one can comment on different parts of my personality, academic, and work experience within different settings. Three are professors that knew me well and the other two are field related managers/supervisors. (I'm an out-of-field applicant academically, but not in work experience.)


Anyways that's the background, but does anyone know how the evaluations will be sent to each program? I'm thinking it could be one of two options: 


-Order they were received

Also, does CSDCAS only send 3 total evaluations if a program requires 3 only, or will it send all 5 even if the program only requires 3?

Finally, has anyone experienced or know of downsides to sending more than the required number of evaluations to a program? I wish CSDCAS could let me customize by selecting how many and which letters get sent to what etc. 


Hoping to get whatever input you guys have. Thank you in advance! :D




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I asked one of my professors (she's on the admissions for the program at my school) about how they feel about receiving more than "needed/required"... She said that if that last one gets really long winded or redundant, then they may stop reading it- which seems fair. It is unfortunately cause you won't really know what order they get sent in or which one WILL definitely be read. 
Most of the places I'm applying require three, but I have four going in. So hopefully they will read all of them or at least the better of those, haha. Fingers Crossed. 

Good Luck! :)

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A little off topic but I have a question about evaluations via CSDCAS.

I know that our letters need to be uploaded electronically but do we also need to mail hard copy letters to our programs?

This is my first time applying and using CSDCAS, so I just want to make sure all bases are covered. :)


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Hi @Meaganm15 - Most schools only require digital copies uploaded through CSDCAS. Some schools (not many from my experience) have additional requirements. To be absolutely sure, just email someone in admissions or check their program's FAQ page.

Again, most don't need them mailed as well so you're probably good to go :) 

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