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Has anyone applied to any DSW (doctor of Social Work) programs this year? Did you have an interview? Did you get your admissions results yet? Why did you pick the DSW instead of the PhD?


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A DSW is a practical degree, less research focused. It's more about developing treatments rather than just studying them. It's also about program evaluation, administration, policy, and teaching practice classes. It's basically like a PsyD vs PhD psychology. It's practical applications, rather than research focused. It's for people who want to be more skilled, knowledgeable practitioners, rather than people who want to be deep in academia. 

There are quite a few reputable online DSW programs includingRutgers, I Tennessee and U Penn. NYU also has a great DSW program, but it's local. I belive USC also has a great DSW. All DSW programs are designed so you can work full time while going to school. You can't do that with a PhD. Like I said, the DSW is for practitioners (clinical social workers, administrators, founders of a non profit, policy makers) for whom working is very important rather than PHD student for whom the research and academia are the most important. 

Hope that helps!

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I believe that there were 2 main reasons why I chose the Phd over the DSW. the first is that I am RESEARCH focused! I have done my share of clinical and now I want to take my clinical back ground and inform my research work with it. A DSW is unfunded and VERY clinical focused....a entirely different degree and mindset, if you ask me! The unfunded part is important- a Phd program is PAYING you to do some rigorous social research/teaching! Its a big factor to consider!

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