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2017 Final Decisions

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2 minutes ago, Scarlet A+ said:

Everything is in! I am officially going to The University of Alabama (for an MA), the proud winner of their Graduate Council Fellowship!! 

Pretty soon I'll have a challenging and rewarding education, a new home with my partner (who also got accepted, as a TA), a new dog, and a more than livable wage ($17,000 fellowship + part-time tutoring job + double income household).

I could not be more excited about this chapter in my life! 

Congratulations!! Based on the two threads you created, I think this was the best option for you and Summer!

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On 4/5/2017 at 10:02 AM, Old Bill said:

I am extremely pleased to finally announce that I have accepted my offer of admission to Ohio State University!

Can't wait to join wonderful folks like @Ramus, @acciodoctorate, @toasterazzi (and most recently @engphiledu) in this fantastic program!

Did I add enough superlatives? Hmm, don't think so... I'm supremely beyond elated and enthused! (That's better!)

Just now seeing this. Welcome! We're glad to have you :) 

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