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  1. All of this is really helpful, thanks @TakeruK! I accepted my offer from UCD several weeks ago, so I'm not planning to negotiate or anything. I'm going regardless of what happens with my partner, who is thankfully quite flexible and has been open to searching for jobs in a pretty wide radius. And, like I said, he pretty much already has one, it's just a matter of whether or not we want to be 2 hours away or 20 minutes. This last point is something I hadn't thought of. I forgot that applications typically ask these types of questions. I will mention this to him and make sure he doesn't gl
  2. Same. My UG language was German. Thankfully, though Davis requires reading fluency in two foreign languages, one of those can be satisfied by three semesters of UG-level language courses passed with a satisfactory grade. All they need is the transcript. Hooray! Anyway, I took Latin for five years in middle and high school, but I never mentioned it in my application because it's pretty much gone. I didn't care a lick as a teen, since I thought I was going to be performing piano professionally by now (ha). I'm sure some of it will come back, but I'm basically treating it as a "learning from
  3. Man, yeah. It has been hard. One of the great perks of Davis is proximity to so many opportunities, both in Sacramento and San Francisco, so that was definitely part of our decision; we were just really hoping that a job offer would come from the Sacramento side (it's WAYYYYY less expensive!). Also, I just really want to know where we are going to live. haha If he's going to end up in San Francisco, I want to find a room in Davis. It's not ideal, but it's only two years. I'm glad there seems to be an echo of "it doesn't hurt to ask." I think I'll send an email to the DGS today. R
  4. Thank you! I was leaning more toward the "it might not do any good" side of things. I know that universities often don't have much say in these sorts of things, but if it's worth asking and not going to hurt me in anyway, it's worth a shot. I was really hoping to live near Davis for the first two years at least, and I know my partner would prefer to be in a smaller, more affordable location. Re: that side note, thanks. Would not have known to avoid that! haha
  5. Hi All, My random question of the day has to do with the practical side of moving across the country: a job for my spouse. He has decided he's going to move with me (to Davis from North Carolina), so we need to have a job lined up for him soon. California is expensive, as we all know, and while we have some savings and my stipend, we won't make it long on that if he's not working and with housing prices the way they are out there. He has had some luck at a potential job and it seems likely they'll hire him, but it's in San Fran - it could be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours away by car,
  6. I second this! I've mostly just been stalking to find out what everyone is doing, but I'm on the edge of my seat, too. I'm sending lots of positive vibes to those still waiting, it's almost over! Hang in there, guys!
  7. And man, so much has happened in the past couple of weeks, you log off for a bit and bam! Everyone knows where they're going. Congrats to all who have made the leap and accepted offers! So excited for all of us!
  8. Hooray! Yes, to be quite honest, when the DGS told me that some students have done that I melted a little bit. It's certainly an exciting prospect! ?
  9. Thank you so much! I've been pretty obsessed about the program since I got my acceptance; I'm so excited to work with all of the superstar faculty! And the community sounds fantastic in general. I'll certainly message you as things come up, it's so nice to have contacts! Re: the bike, my plan is to buy one as soon as I get out there ?
  10. I accepted my offer at Davis yesterday and sent out emails declining all of my other fully funded offers, so there should be some movement (hopefully) at Riverside, Madison, UGA, Iowa, and Santa Barbara. I also pulled my name off the waitlist at GWU (I was "very high" on it, apparently, whatever that means), so for what that's worth. I hope someone here gets one of these spots!
  11. I accepted my offer from UC Davis yesterday! I'm so excited and relieved. Much of the decision had to do with the area itself (better for me and my partner, easier for him to find a job) and funding (I found out recently that I actually have six years of funding there, which I didn't get anywhere else). Now onto the practicalities!
  12. Hooray! This is great news, congratulations! Fingers crossed that the interview goes well and you snag that TAship!
  13. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that's what she meant. But hey, it's not an outright rejection! Not like it matters, but I started to assume that since I hadn't heard anything they were planning to reject me. Whatevs I really just want to satisfy my own curiosity about the potential sweep, but honestly, I really can't complain at this point. haha
  14. I agree with @orphic_mel528 on all counts. I don't have the same conference experience, but I landed a prestigious internship at the Folger Shakespeare Library last summer (even, I believed, despite the "low ranking" of my MA program, my age, and subsequent lack of experience in pretty much every professional capacity at the time) I think in part because of networking. I met the director of the internship at an event they were hosting that I happened to be at, and I think because we built a relationship before the internship application was due and he became familiar with my work, it superchar
  15. Alright, so I finally caved and emailed GWU. They just emailed and said that they are still working through decisions. They've made official offers, and are still "very interested" in my "strong application" and she they would have more information for me in a couple of weeks. So...do I read this as a waitlist? This feels waitlisty to me. haha
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