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  1. 2017 Final Decisions

    I accepted my offer to attend the University of Pittsburgh in the Fall of 2017. They are so many wonderful and supportive people there that I would love to work with.
  2. Waitlist Movement

    I just turned down CU-Boulder and Iowa, as I will be attending the University of Pittsburgh in the fall of 2017. I am sad I had to turn these amazing programs down, but I hope that someone else is able to join them!
  3. Waitlist Movement

    I wanted to inform everyone that I've declined offers to attend University of Florida, Stony Brook University, Michigan State, and Marquette. I am leaving Pittsburgh, Colorado, and Iowa as potential options still! I hope this helps, and I will make sure to inform everyone whenever I decline two of the remaining 3.
  4. New Rankings

    Thank you for such a helpful response to the question of rankings. These are the sort of responses I was hoping for when I made the thread.:)
  5. New Rankings

    Of course! Yeah CU-Boulder is one of the schools I got into, and I was wonderfully surprised to see such a big jump!
  6. I know many of us (including myself), prioritize fit over rank. Still, even if rank is not a top concern, it is interesting to see shifts from the 2013 us news list. Here are the new rankings: I would love to hear thoughts from others!
  7. 2017 Acceptances

    Thank you! My areas are 20th/21st century American Lit. Ecocriticism and Queer theory in specific.:)
  8. 2017 Acceptances

    Ive been accepted off the Iowa waitlist!
  9. Venting Thread

    Oh no! I totally thought I had submitted under acceptances. *crawls back into my thesis crunch mode cave*
  10. Venting Thread

    Received official acceptance from Stony Brook. Last school I am waiting for is University of Florida. I cannot believe it is almost over!
  11. Waitlist Movement

    I also have been waitlisted at Iowa. Seems like quite a bit of us GC'ers have been!
  12. 2017 Acceptances

    A few updates: I was accepted into Marquette, interviewed for Stony Brook, and waitlisted for Iowa. This is my first waitlist in the midst of 5 other acceptances, but I am pretty certain I've either been waitlisted or rejected at Oregon and Florida. Difficult decisions lie ahead! *shakes with nerves*
  13. Hindsight (is) 20(/)17

    Do not let imposter syndrome hold you down. I still find myself crying at the fact that I've received offers, because I had a hard time believing in the value of my work. I do wish now I was a bit more daring, I applied to many amazing programs (which I am eternally grateful to have gotten accepted into), but shut myself from applying to others because I didn't think my application would be taken seriously.
  14. 2017 Final Decisions

    I will be visiting Colorado Thursday, and Pitts on March 26. I can totally share my thoughts on Pitt after after I go, though I really hope you're able to go!
  15. 2017 Final Decisions

    I am in the same position as you! Currently deciding between two programs, Pittsburgh and Colorado. Wishing you the best in the decision the process