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(IO Psychology) MA at Columbia vs. PhD in Roosevelt University


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Hello. I just joined the forums because I need help but have no one to ask around me.

I just got accepted to Columbia University's MA program in Social-Organizational (IO) Psychology. ^_^

I understand that the program is mostly designed for students who are looking for a terminal program. I hear it is possible for students to continue their studies into a doctorate but it is not so common because the program itself isn't research based, but rather theory based. However, I don't want to rule out the option to obtain a PhD in case I do decide to continue my studies.

The MA program at Columbia does not seem to be the ideal choice IF i decide to go all the way (for a PhD).

On the other hand, I have also been accepted to Roosevelt University here in Chicago, for a PhD program. The school might not be as prestigious as Columbia University; however, it does give me an option to continue all the way for a PhD degree from the get go. I understand that Columbia University is a more prestigious institution known around the world, and furthermore, it is possible to continue all the way to a PhD, but I would be the minority and it is not the conventional route. However, If I end up deciding to go to Roosevelt University, it would be a more straightforward path towards a PhD.

In conclusion, I guess what I am arguing with myself is whether I should choose a more prestigious school for an MA and limited opportunity for doctorate, or rather a local university where I can obtain an PhD at a more straightforward path.


Thank you in advance for your input! I appreciate it.

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Congrats on the acceptances. I think it's important to look at the context - Columbia carries no weight in the IO community (in terms of "prestige"). No more than Roosevelt, which is a new and relatively unknown IO program. 

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The prestige of the school as a whole is very different than the prestige of the program within that school. This is most different for IO psych as opposed to many of the other subfields of psychology.

I would think about the fit and the type of research you're doing at Roosevelt. If it fits everything you want other than the prestige, then I think you know your answer.

It also depends on what you want to do later, because prestige definitely helps with faculty applications, but the opportunity for internships may be more helpful for industry.

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