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Anyone recently graduated from Parsons DT MFA can offer some advice?


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Finally got the decisions, accepted with no merit scholarship probably because I applied very late (25th Feb). I love the fact that it's in NYC and I have relatives there who can accommodate me for free during my studies, which will save me a lot of $$$. 

After some research on courses offering and faculty backgrounds, I realized a lot of teachers are part-time recent grads. I am concerned whether these people are experienced enough to lead graduate level courses. 

Also, what exactly do people do in the major studios and computational labs? Who teach these classes? 

I came from a liberal arts background and I am interested in UI design and web design. 


Thanks in advance!


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I also got in and went to a liberal arts college! I talked to a few current student and he told me he is a bit annoyed because teachers tend to be nice about criticisms. He said you would have to try harder to pick their brain and get more constructive feedback. Also he mentioned that the program doesn't really teach you critical thinking or how to design. You need to already know how to execute design prior to that.

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