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  1. Hi, everyone, though it seems like majority of topics are US schools, anyone applied to KTH Interactive Media Technology in Sweden? I recently got accepted. Please share if you have some more knowledge about the program! I search by course code and find out some videos that uploaded by students, many works look so cool, how it is compare to US universities' related field in general?
  2. Feel like they are waiting for the selected candidates’ rejections in order to send a decision for us. Anyone knows what is the deadline for people who already got admitted?
  3. They finally reply me saying I should expect result in late March. Now is exactly late March....
  4. I wrote an email to them yesterday to check the status but no reply, today I saw my complete date become yesterday's date 😂
  5. Congrats Annie! Which program do you more lean to?
  6. I like the program but I am bit concern about if the tuition worth the outcome, plus I am from IT background with arts as my interests, it will be a big shift to me from my current career. I am still waiting for the other two schools. Did you have interview with them? I didn't have any interview, I feel an interview might give me a better sense about the program.
  7. Anyone applied Parsons DT? I got accpeted by the program but not sure how it is compared with ITP?
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