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What do you wear to class?

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1 minute ago, lindsayg1993 said:

Hey guys!
A question just dawned on me: what do you wear to class in grad school??

I know on clinic days you should dress up, but what about just an average class day? 

This is so funny you asked because I was wondering this too, so much so that I asked the student during interview days. 

They said clinical days you do dress up but on regular days, "bum like status" is totally acceptable. One girl said she looks night and day on clinical versus class days to the extent she wears big baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants with no make up. I definitely think it might depend on the program though. 

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Most people just wear regular clothes. I personally wouldn't go in pajamas or anything, but jeans, t-shirts, casual clothing is totally acceptable. I think as long as you look neat and clean that's all that really matters.

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Same thing you wore in your undergraduate classes.  I have a big program and nobody here shows up in sweatpants/pajamas/"bum status", probably bc our Professors are also our clinic supervisors, but jeans, shorts, athletic pants, casual pants are all totally normal!  I'd see what the older students are wearing on non-clinic days if everyone is in sweats go for it lol.

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