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  1. Hi! I applied to both TC and NYU. The reason I chose NYU was for the variety of research opportunities and other amazing opportunities in general (study abroad, faculty, placements). I went to the open house and it was amazing, to be honest. They provided a lot of information their program: being able to choose a schedule that works best for you, working prerequisites into your program and many of the connections they have with treatment centers and schools in the area. The faculty and directors of the program formed a panel and they really had amazing chemistry. I even got to meet students who were coming from the CSD undergraduate department and the connection and the way they spoke about the faculty,even as undergraduates, really helped me get a good feel for the closeness of the department. They even had faculty and staff sit at each table with prospective students and everyone was so kind and welcoming. After the open house, they held a very informal happy hour where the professors and current students really connected with us and I think everyone who was there felt included and a good feeling from the program. Many other students said they were convinced if not at least conflicted that NYU was amazing and a program to definitely consider. The clinic is quite beautiful and well organized. The faculty even gave up a space designated for professors during the remodel so that the CSD students could have a lounge at the clinic. They certainly do have a bilingual extension, but it is true that TC has a more established bilingual program. If that is your main focus, you probably cant go wrong. I personally felt that in terms of faculty and experiences, NYU just had a lot more to offer for me. I only have one prerequisite that I am missing, so I wasn't necessarily concerned about taking it online. I definitely understand however that taking these classes in person for the first time might be better for someone who is out of field. It really depends on the experience you are looking for. If for the bilingual extension and focusing on multicultural issues alone, maybe TC would be best. But I personally found that NYU seemed to provide a very well rounded experience. You can literally get anything you want out of it: your prereqs, research, a variety of placement, a flexible schedule, an amazing clinic, travel, and a lot of support from the whole department. If you feel as strongly about TC as I currently feel about NYU (lol) then maybe TC is definitely be the place for you. Its all about what school you feel will be a better fit. Here is a link to the video and Q&A of the open house! They filmed it for people who couldn't attend. http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/site/csd/2017/03/admitted-students-luncheon/
  2. I wouldn't focus on ranking or name, but in my opinion if you love a school and you feel that its a great fit, screw what anyone else thinks about price or ranking. If you feel you can handle the price or loans and you're going to have a great experience go for it. Everyone has different factors weighing in. Most people want to save money, and that's really important but Id like to think that if you believe a school a going to give you an overall better experience based on what you're looking for, that's all that matters.
  3. Rush is an amazing program if your passion is medical SLP. It is rigorous and at times crazy, but students survive it all the time. The city is beautiful with a lot of opportunities. If Rush, is where you truly want to go, you can't go wrong. I was there for one quarter but decided to transfer to a different school as Rush wasn't my personal best fit. However, the professor's are great. They will be switching to a semester system starting in the fall and you will learn more than just the clinical aspects of SLP. Good luck!
  4. I believe two academic years + one summer = fall, spring, (summer) and then fall spring. Based on the website it seems that tuition is estimated to be about $5000/semester (talk about an amazing price). If you will be there for 5 semesters and it's 60 credits, then instead of 9 credits, you'll probably be taking about 12 (then you would be a full time students so it makes sense). Their estimate might be based on 9 credits but that doesn't mean that's what you will pay. Regardless, if the tuition is $46k for both years, this is not that bad (compared to other programs, of course and in consideration of what you can afford). I would definitely call up their financial affairs so they can give you a better estimate. Best of luck!
  5. I chose to go NYU! Woo! It was my first choice from the beginning so it wasn't a super tough choice even when other offers came in. But ultimately I chose NYU because of the variety of research labs the program has and the opportunity to study abroad. I also loved the location of the school. I am super psyched. Good luck to everyone making their final choices!
  6. For anyone interested, I declined my interview offer from Hunter as I am sure I want to attend NYU. Hopefully this helps someone on the wait list!
  7. Most people just wear regular clothes. I personally wouldn't go in pajamas or anything, but jeans, t-shirts, casual clothing is totally acceptable. I think as long as you look neat and clean that's all that really matters.
  8. Okay! Awesome! I'll call to confirm they have everything they need!
  9. Well let's see if hopefully we hear back this week or next week!!
  10. Last year I heard back from Columbia around this time! So I'm assuming we'll start hearing back soon!
  11. I haven't gotten a financial packet so I'm just wondering if maybe that's why. But that's definitely weird!! I mean all my other schools get my social from CSDCAS lol.
  12. Did anyone get an email from NYU financial aid saying they needed their social security because CSDCAS doesn't send it to them? I called and had it sorted out. Just wanted to know if anyone got anything similar?
  13. I totally understand not knowing where to start with the questions! I asked so many but so far the program and department have been really supportive and helpful! Also, I don't think you're too late for housing. If I'm not mistaken you have until the end of April to apply and then they let you know by June! However, I know that housing for NYU grads is limited. If possible you can always see if you can take over the lease with your friend after her roommates move out! Just some ideas
  14. Of course! So I asked what made her choose NYU, and she told me about the relationship that NYU has with the Terrence Cardinal Cooke Huntington's Disease Unit and how many patients with Huntington's don't receive insurance for speech therapy due to the progressive nature of the disease. NYU students provide these patients with speech therapy and it's the only way they can afford it. I had never heard of this connection and i thought it was awesome! She also discussed how classes can be difficult but manageable. Most students follow a sequence for their schedules but you get to personalize your schedule at the same time. I love that you have some say it what classes and your schedule are going to be. She is thoroughly enjoying her time at NYU and even though she didn't think she would like research, she is actually working on a masters thesis now. I was connected with her through the CSD department. I emailed them and asked them to connect me with a current student. They emailed me a day later with a student and her email address. I was able to ask her all my questions and everything she told me just made me feel better about my decision to attend NYU. I would definitely recommend it since you can't attend the open house!
  15. Yay! That's so exciting! My sights are set on NYU as well! I haven't heard from Columbia TC either but I will say I had the chance to talk to a current student and she really gave me some great insight about NYU's program. I'm really excited! Columbia is great but NYU's my first choice because of the research opportunities! I'll post about the open house on this thread or you can message me if you have any questions!
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